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“Drive slow homie.” — Kanye West

Imet Mike Tyson as a wide eyed youth. Around 8 years old, I was on vacation with my family in Hawaii. Escaping the bitter and cold winters of Canada we jetted away one December in hopes of celebrating a sunny and serene New Year abroad.

(Anubhav Saxena)

When you think about it, life is a lot like a garden. Analogous to planting seeds in soil, it’s space where the gardener is free to create anything imaginable. It’s a place where you can cultivate resources; goals, ambitions, passions, truly anything that can grow.

Annie Spratt

Recently I changed my barber for the first time in 7 years. Think about that for a minute. Think about it for over 3 million minutes, that’s how long 7 years is.

My barber…

Why Can’t I Make The List?


In my mind, I can’t think of a real reason that can stop me from making it on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. I’ve been dreaming about this ever since I first heard about it as a 15 year old kid. Now as a 22 year old man I have a desire and passion to make a life that’s triumphant. I don’t want to close the chapter on Forbes, I want to race toward it.

Why I hate that I love Economics

Jezael Melgoza

I’m a student of economics. If I’m being honest my conscious mind would like to say more than this. It would prefer to say that I am in fact scholar of economics. I don’t have the qualifications to make that sort of statement. I’ve never attended a doctoral or even a masters level econ class, but the subject is of grave importance to me and in that regard I place great value in my ability to understand it.

Which one?

“You see these keys? These aren’t just regular set of car keys. These are the keys to my new Bentley!”

I was 14 years old and attending a dinner party at a relatives house when I had this conversation. As a nervous and chubby teenager, I was doing my best to mingle with adults in the room. Being well versed in the art of conversation was one of those things that I knew was important to my parents. Although he never admits it, I know my father takes pride in his ability to sustain a strong conversation with strangers. So…

Displaying Wealth, Wanting Status & Creating an Image

The Story of Luxury Cars, Fine Art & Expensive Diamonds.

It’s not a surprise that everybody wants to look good. In some way shape or form, I believe all people want to be admired for something. This can be something tangible such as valuable personal possessions or it can be something admirable like an individual’s ability to speak in public. Deficiency is not something that is uncommon to the human psyche. Everybody has insecurities and the need for acceptance is something that’s fundamental to our nature.

We talk Opportunity, Infrastructure and Life as a Federal Minister


“It’s quite a rewarding opportunity where you get to shape the future of your country through the decisions that you make as a government official.” — Amarjeet Sohi

It’s not often that you’re able to communicate with the highest level of government officials in your country. This past month, I was very fortunate to speak with Canada’s Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi. It was an opportunity I am extremely grateful for as Sohi’s hardwork and commitment to the community is a beacon of inspiration for all Canadians.


“Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Yesterday you said tomorrow, So just do it!” — Shia LaBeouf

I am obsessed with watching interviews of successful people. There’s something fascinated to me about the stories of CEOs, rappers, investors, comedians and success people from all walks of life.

An Outsiders Guide to Appreciating Sports

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If you follow our publication, you would know that we have a great deal of articles about Basketball. To be exact, in our 8 short weeks of business, 8 out of the 18 pieces we have written have been about the NBA. However if you know who I am as a person (which I assure you, I’m awesome), you would known that I am not exactly the world’s biggest sports fan.

Ganit Singh

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